About the author


Hope Kam was born in 1984 in Hawaii and is the ninth of ten children. Her father was of Filipino descent and worked for the Board of Water Supply in Honolulu County in Hawaii for 34 years before he retired. Her mother was a native Hawaiian and a professional singer in a group called “Kaleo O Kalani” made popular through years 1970 – 2000. Ms. Kam describes her mother as having a “natural gift” for singing and playing multiple instruments. The author credits her mother as a significant inspiration in her life and, specifically, for this book. “My mother followed her dreams,” asserts Ms. Kam, “and taught me to follow mine.”  Hope Kam moved to Virginia from Hawaii in 2021. The influence of the Hawaiian culture is evident in Ms. Kam’s hospitality to guests as she always offers food and is concerned for others' comfort. Furthermore, she keeps the temperature toasty in her apartment to mimic the tropical warmth of her native island.